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Abbas Khan

Abbas Khan, an orphan who was struggling after his father’s death to manage his finances and support his living along with his studies. Therefore, he started working at a mechanic workshop in the neighborhood to support his expenses. He wanted to polish his skills in the same field to be able to earn a better living and become a bread earner for his family. He came to know about The Hunar Foundation who provides vocational and technical training to deserving students. Hence he enrolled himself in Electrical Installation course at Bedian Campus and completed his training with financial support of PAS Foundation. After completing his 06 months training he got employed at a renowned company and now earning a decent salary to support his family. He is confident of himself to be able to deliver at his best both locally & internationally if given a chance

Sajan Kumar

Sajan’s dreams of going to university came crashing down in 2011 when heavy monsoon rains affected 5 million people. His father lost his job, the family’s possessions were ruined and they were plunged into poverty.

Atiya Mubashir

When Atiya’s husband was killed while rescuing survivors from a bomb blast, she was left alone to care for her two children. As a recent widow, she was desperate to find a way of supporting her family.

Rahmeen Fiza

When Rahmeen first came to the Hunar Foundation, she was so shy that she could not speak among her peers. Yet just two years later she took to the stage to inspire other female students to follow in her footsteps.

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