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Our Impact

Our Impact

Why We are Needed

Around 60% of Pakistan’s 200 million people live below the poverty line.
Surviving on less than $2 a day means that they cannot even buy enough food to supply their minimum required calorie intake.
As 70% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30, any long-term solution to stamping out poverty must focus on the young. But that is not so easy when people are unable to gain vocational skills because they cannot afford the tuition fees.
One-off financial gifts have their place but they do not address the root causes of poverty and inequality. We know that the only long-term solution is to help people gain the qualifications they need to find jobs or set up their own businesses and social enterprises.
A gift of just £200 can transform someone’s life forever.

Other Work in Pakistan

QED Foundation is best known for its work in the UK but today our initiatives increasingly cut across national boundaries. For the next five years we have decided to focus our efforts on Pakistan. We will encourage Britain’s 1.2 million people of Pakistani heritage to work with us to create a brighter future for both countries. 

In addition to PAS our current initiatives include:

Seeing Is Believing

We are developing study tours of Pakistan for talented young people who are expected to rise into positions of influence in government, industry, the public and third sectors and the media. These will be a unique opportunity for members of the diaspora community to develop an understanding of the country’s history, culture and politics and an appreciation of the challenges it currently faces.

Seeing Is Believing will:
• encourage the flow of people, resources and ideas between Pakistan and the UK
build trading links and contribute to the economic growth of both countries

Support For Returners

We are raising awareness of the support available to south Asian migrants who want to return to their home countries. These include people who:
• are in the UK illegally
• have outstayed their visas
• or want to withdraw their asylum claims or applications to stay here
We are organising consultation events with community and faith organisations throughout Yorkshire to find out the best way of supporting these voluntary returners. Participants will also learn about the help offered by the government to pass on to their service users.
Organisations wanting to find out more should call Dr Mohammed Ali OBE or Adeeba Malik CBE on 01274 545000 or fill in the enquiry form here

Sarwar Jan Foundation

We are helping to save the lives of thousands of people with diabetes in Pakistan, where the disease kills ten people every hour. The Sarwar Jan Foundation supports roadshows that raise awareness of how to reduce the risk of developing the illness and how it can be managed. Our work is focused on poor and uneducated people living in the inner cities and rural areas.

By 2030 Pakistan will have the fourth largest diabetic population in the world, with 14 million lives at risk – yet one of our two-day roadshows costs just £250.

To make a donation click here

Success Stories

Rahmeen Fiza

When Rahmeen first came to the Hunar Foundation, she was so shy that she could not speak among her peers.
Yet just two years later she took to the stage to inspire other female students to follow in her footsteps.
Rahmeen’s training in hair colouring and beauty treatment enabled her to secure a job at a salon in the United Arab Emirates. Now she earns enough money to support her family and pay for her brother’s education. She has increased the income of  three more households by taking other Hunar Foundation students to work alongside her.
Thanks to the life skills training she received at the Karachi institute, Rahmeen was able to return as guest speaker at a recent event. She encouraged other students to work hard, aim high and never lose hope.

Atiya Mubashir

When Atiya’s husband was killed while rescuing survivors from a bomb blast, she was left alone to care for her two children.
As a recent widow, she was desperate to find a way of supporting her family. Atiya started teaching at a local school but could not earn enough to run the household. She tried to supplement her income by stitching cloth and providing basic beauty services from her home yet even that was not enough.
Realising that she needed to improve her skills, Atiya enrolled at the Hunar Foundation. Soon after gaining her beauty therapy qualifications, she was taken on by a salon in Karachi.
In her spare time Atiya still provides services from home, where she has more clients than before qualifying. She hopes to expand her business and is encouraging her children to continue their education and attend college

Sajan Kumar

Sajan’s dreams of going to university came crashing down in 2011 when heavy monsoon rains affected 5 million people. His father lost his job, the family’s possessions were ruined and they were plunged into poverty.
But Sajan’s life took a turn for the better when he saw an advert for the Hunar Foundation. He immediately applied for a course in electrical installation.
After qualification, the Hunar Foundation offered Sajan a job, working in the IT lab at its Rashidabad Institute and teaching and motivating students. He is now employed as a field production trainee for United Energy Pakistan.
Today Sajan is the sole breadwinner for his family. He was able to pay for his three sisters’ weddings and supports his younger brother’s education.